Teenage Sports Injuries Can Cause Back Pain

7 day back pain cure bookTeenage sports injuries can cause back pain and this group are one of the most likely to wind up with a back injury of some kind. Young athletes who play contact sports can end up with a particular type of a stress fracture of the vertebrate called spondylolysis. A similar but worse injury is when the stressed vertebrate begins to weaken the bone and is called spondylolisthesis. This makes it impossible for the vertebrate to maintain right position and may lead to it move itself out of place. If the vertebrate moves too much it can put pressure on other parts of the spine especially the nerves. Surgery is the only type on treatment for this type of injury.

Genetics can be a factor in this type of condition If you are involved in contact sports and you have a genetic predisposition for thin vertebrae bones you will more likely to develop this condition. Unless one of your parents actually suffered an injury that meant they were diagnosed with this condition you will probably never know you have this genetic trait.

Contact sports are not the only ones that put a teenager at risk. Although gymnastics and weightlifting are not contact sports, they can cause stress on the lower back. Both of these sports can cause the athlete to potentially overstretch themselves, when performing their routines.

Either condition can be present without any signs but as time goes on the pain will start to occur. It may first feel like a strain in the muscles of the lower back and the sufferer will assume nothing is seriously wrong and begin treating with over the counter pain relievers and/or use cold packs or a hot water bottle to try to ease the pain. More symptoms will soon appear.

Next, back spasms will occur and then the back will stiffen making it hard to stand and walk. As the nerves become more affected the pain will worsen. It will become difficult to straighten your back and x-rays will locate the cause of the pain. In an attempt to allow for the vertebrates to reset themselves, bed rest and anti-inflammatory medication will be recommended. A back brace will be required to give extra support until the healing is well on its way. Gradually, the person will slowly begin to recapture their normal activities. The physician will want to monitor the progress as things are move back into place with regular x-ray check-ups. If things continue to move more out of place then the only answer to correcting your back pain is surgery.  But before you consider that check out this.

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