Scoliosis as a cause of back pain

Rub on ReliefScoliosis is a condition that occurs when the spine is not straight and can be a cause of back pain. The position of the curve of the spine can cause a deformity of the ribs resulting in pushing the chest out in front or possibly the back. Scoliosis as a cause of back pain depends on where the curvature begins and how severe it is as while as the age at which the condition starts.

Often scoliosis begins at birth and it is now known about 80 % of the time genetics plays an important factor in this condition occurring. Scoliosis is more prevalent in the female population (88 %) and less common in males (12 %). The onset of scoliosis can be broken down into 4 stages: infantile, juvenile, adolescent and adult with adult being the result of the condition not being discovered or treated at an earlier time.

Extreme back pain is the result no matter what the reason or timeframe of onset scoliosis is. The amount of pain is directly proportional to the amount of the curvature of the spine and routine daily tasks will tire the suffer causing the pain to worsen. The angle of the curvature may become so bad that it puts pressure put on the nerves and the vertebrae become compacted and serious back pain develops. Paralysis or heart and lung problems may develop in extreme cases.

The most important factor in determining how to treat scoliosis back pain is how great is the curvature of the spine. If the curve is 40 degrees or less treatment with braces may not work. Even for larger curves, the benefits from braces may not be substantial since they correct the curvature of the spine but often don’t realigns the spine. In serious cases, surgery which uses pins, screws and rods to straighten the spine may be suggested. The surgery will eliminate the back pain immediately but some people feel that surgery is too drastic a step and would rather try using braces and exercises to try to correct the curve. This is a slower method of treatment and requires more dedication and perseverance by the back pain suffer.

A key factor to prevent serious back pain from developing is to ensure that the curvature does not exceed 50 degrees. If it does by the time adulthood is reached there will be a 1 percent increase in the curve every year which will increase the long-term pain problems.

Children with a large curve are more affected then adults with a small curve as it become a quality of life issue rather than only all a pain issue. Early investigate and active in treatments help to correct the curve to some degree. This may be the only hope to lessen the pain of scoliosis.


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