New Mothers Can Learn How to Avoid Back Pain

Back pain can affect pregnant woman especially in the third trimester. Even though the pain resides within a couple of weeks of delivery, it can be replaced by one that is caused by lifting of the new baby on a daily basis. No matter how much any new moms delight in her new baby, new mothers can learn how to avoid back pain by using the correct techniques of lifting.  This will enhance her time with her new baby and prevent possible further back problems that could lead to severe back pain.

Newborn babies usually weigh between seven and nine pounds when they are first brought home. When looked at over the course of a day or week, the number of times a baby is picked up is quite staggering. Add up the number of times a baby is fed, brought out of the wash bassinette, diapers are changed, play time, going in and out of the stroller or car seat, into and out of cribs, cuddling time and then back to bed and it can be a staggering amount. Surveys indicate that the average infant is lifted over fifty times a day. As time progresses the baby’s weight has doubled by the end of the first year and triples by the end of the third year. And granted, the number of times the child is lifted decreases as they get older but the increased weight more than compensates for that and put the same or more stress on the back muscles.

But there is another reason why back pain may develop during pregnancy and that is a muscle imbalance that may be present  Muscle imbalances are a common cause of lower back pain in pregnancy as well as being responsible for back pain in a majority of the population. These muscle imbalances act to pull the pelvis and low back out of alignment which places uneven and excessive stress on the muscles, bones and joints. Very few healthcare professionals that are trained and experienced in addressing muscle imbalances however the good news is you can perform simple self assessments or tests to find out what imbalances you may have. You can learn more about how to identify and address your muscle imbalances by visiting

For new mothers to avoid potential back problems they need only to follow a few simple rules to decreased their pain. A light exercise program should be started as soon as possible, unless you had a caesarian section. The goal is to restoring your muscle tone and flexibility, which will greatly help when lifting your baby. A quick return to your pre-pregnancy weight in less than two months should be an achievable goal.

If breastfeeding, bring baby to you so you do not have to bend over to feed the child. Sit up straight in a chair with good back support when nursing. To remove the baby from a crib slide the side down and then bring the baby out of the crib. Don’t get in the habit of lifting the child over the bars. A baby carrier that is positioned at the front with equal distribution of the child’s weight is the best type. To place your baby into a car seat, kneel on the seat beside the car seat so as to have your balance and then slide the baby into the seat. Don’t try to do it by putting baby in while you remain outside of the car. Try a few stretching exercises throughout the day during down times, such as nap times, for more then ten minutes at a time to help keep your back loose and avoid injure.

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