How to Treat Back Pain at Home

Lose the Back Pain SystemIf your back pain is mild to moderate in severity, you can learn how to treat back pain at home. The answer to treating lower back pain depends more on what you do while you have the pain so starting as early as possible is important. Many studies that have stated that an immediate exercise program that mixes stretching with general light exercising is the best way to treat back pain. Instant relief can be gained when you stretch and extend their muscles which in turn takes the pressure off of the part of the back that is hurting from a compressed disc or pinched nerve.

Non-chronic back pain suffers will benefit from the stretching and exercising done every couple of hours. Simple bending forward exercises can be used along with other exercises but should not be attempted by people who suffering from osteoarthritis or lumbar stenosis as this stretching may actually be detrimental to their back. For this group of people, sitting is definitely easier than stretching, which can trigger pain.

So many people suffer from back pain that it has become a common ailment. This pain can be caused by a variety of problems, the most frequent of which consist of muscle strain, herniated disc, or pinched nerves. There are certainly many more things that can be a problem for one’s back including injuries and certain medical conditions. The more serious the problem the more likely you will need to go to your health care provider for treatment. If you think what you have done to your back may be serious do not hesitate to see your health care provider immediately.

If you may yourself in a lot of pain, you’ve may have strained your back muscles, Bed rest is the first step to recovery. Even a few hours of down time can be beneficial but several days of lying in bed can actually be detrimental to the muscles in your back as the muscles become weakened and they is a potential for further back problems to develop. Resting takes the stress off the muscles that support your weight and gives them a break. Use cold packs or a hot water bottle, or heating pad to relieve the pain. Lying on a soft mattress will not give you enough back support so only rest on a firm mattress.

A gentle back massage will work wonders in relieving your back pain, but if it hurts to much stop it immediately. A hot bath or, a whirlpool is another really good back treatment as they loosen up your back muscles, ease the pain and relax the person. Learning to deal with the severe pain and the confined of movement can cause stress to a person which in turn means they will not be able to relax their back muscles

There are a variety of over the counter medications that can help. Many of these pain relievers also have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used for mild pain. Some over the counter medications also contain a mild muscle relaxant and may help with back spasms. Ask your pharmacist which ones are the best to try and what are the possible side-effects. Analgesic creams can also be tried to help relieve the pain in your back. Some nutritional supplements can also help alleviate back pain.

Most back pain comes and goes fairly quickly so with some experimenting you should be able to determine what works for you best. However for an established method to treat back pain that can be successfully used at home, try the The Lose the Back Pain System. Also remember that many back pain issues can easily be dealt by you at home without intervention by your family doctor.

Lose the Back Pain System

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