Good Daily Habits Can Help Prevent Back Pain

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Having good daily habits can help prevent back pain and how your back will react. If you have a tendency to have back pain then you should do everything possible to avoid aggravating the problem more. Or if you are lucky enough not to have back problem you should try to do everything possible to keep it that way. To accomplish this you should concentrate on sitting, lifting, sleeping and playing the correct way to prevent straining your back.

There are several things to remember when lifting correctly. First, always bend from the knees, not bend forward. Then, lift the object from a squatting position with you back straight and the item held close to your body. This is one of the most frequently reported causes of back pain especially for new mothers lifting their babies. Very heavy items should pushed in front of your and not pulled behind you. You should wear flat shoes, or if you must wear heels don’t let them exceed an inch. Or even better try to get some help to lift the heavy object. High heels cause two problems, instability of the person and added strain on the back. If you are required to sit for long periods of time, at a desk or driving, take regular breaks (once every hour) and do stretching exercises for 20 to 30 seconds. This light exercising can help keep you physically fit and go a long way towards making a big difference in keeping the back pain away.

There are better ways to sleep which can help to reduce your back pain. When you sleep make sure to use A firm mattress that is not too soft or place a piece if plywood or posture board under your current mattress to add the firmness your back needs. Sleeping on your stomach is the least desired sleeping position as it puts added strain on your back. However if you must sleep that way a pillow under your hips will help relieve the strain on your back. A pillow under your knees and one under the small of your back will help if you prefer to sleep on your back. The best way to sleep is lying on your side with your knees bent which is sometimes described as the fetal position with or without a pillow between your knees. One firm pillow under your head will give good neck support while sleeping.

When sitting for long periods of time, having good posture is important. Your chair should have a lower back support or at the very least it should have a straight back. The lower back support can be a small pillow, rolled towel or an orthopedic cushion that fits into the small of your back. These give you more back support help avoid back strain. Awkward strain on the back is a common cause of back injury so when someone calls to get your attention turn your whole body to them not just your head. Following these simple rules will help you avoid much of the back pain that most people have to deal with.

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