Exercising Can Help Strengthen the Back and Prevent Back Pain From Reoccurring

Lose the Back Pain SystemCertain exercises can help strengthen your back and prevent your back pain from reoccurring. However you have to be careful of the type of exercising you do.Some researchers suggest that low impact aerobics can both alleviate the pain and strengthen the back. This means that once your back is better, continuing these low impact aerobics can help to preventive back pain from reoccurring. Walking and swimming are highly recommended exercises. Low impact exercises very helpful for back pain sufferers as they do not cause awkward or jerky movements to the back. A couple of miles or a few laps of the pool a couple of times a week is highly recommended. If you find walking too painful then a good alternative is a stationary bicycle. It gives similar benefits but is less tiring and you can enjoy it at home if you choose not to go to the gym.

Try Water Therapy

If swimming laps is too much for your back, then another exercise program worth considering is water therapy. Doing exercises in the water will take the weight off your back and other areas that hurt and allow you to do an exercise program that you would not normally do under regular circumstances. Continue with the water therapy program and but gradually changeover to doing exercises on land. Water therapy exercises are especially useful for older back pain sufferers.

Build up Your Core Strength

To buildup the core strength of your abdominal and back regions and maintain suppleness of your hips and thighs, Pilates and exercise (stability) balls are excellent ways to achieve this. Improving you core strength will also have beneficial effects on you posture. Another important area to focus on is stretching the hamstrings. These muscles have been found to be quite tight in people with back pain and can interfere with full motion when they are like that. Exercises that stretch these muscles can help to lengthen the hamstrings and relieve the strain in the back. Bending over and touching your toes is one of the easiest exercises to do for this problem but watch you don’t overdo it at the beginning. There are many other hamstring stretching exercises to choose from so choose the one that causes you the least pain.

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