Some Common Causes of Back Pain

7-DAY BACK PAIN CURE BOOKBack pain, with lower back pain being the worst type, is one of the most serious problems devastating the adult American population. There can be many common and medical causes for back pain so the actual cause must be determined before treatment can be started. Some common causes for back pain may be poor posture, an injury caused by like falling or a strong sneeze? A sharp or awkward movement can also cause a back sprain or not using the proper technique to lift a heavy object. If it was an injury see your health care provider. They will likely give you an anti-inflammatory medication and some simple exercises to do to help relieve the pain.

Does bending over or lifting an object cause the back pain to worsen? When the back pain does not move anywhere then you may be experiencing a muscle spasm, a pulled muscle or even a compression of a nerve. Treatment from your health care provider will be similar to that if you injuries your back with use of an anti-inflammatory, and bed rest for a few days being the cornerstone. Regular application of a heating pad or hot water bottle sessions may also help. After a few days some gentle exercises to strengthen your back muscles will help so this does not happen again. If after a week the pain doesn’t get better you should go to see your family doctor again.

Although being active helps to prevent back problems, overdoing an activity when participating in a sport can cause a sports injury and lead to acute or chronic lower back pain. Other types of activities that can put added pressure on your back are improperly carrying of backpacks or one that are too heavy and doing repetitive household chores like vacuuming.

If a rash accompanies your back pain that looks like blisters and feels like it is burning develops on your back and chest you may have shingles. Usually people over 50 years old get shingles, which is a dormant form of chickenpox, but younger people are known to have gotten it as well. To help ease the discomfort and possibly shorten the duration, your family doctor will need to check you out.

Whatever the cause of your back pain is, don’t let it go untreated.  If you are looking to get lasting relief from your back pain without drugs or surgery then check out the Lose the Back Pain system.

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