The Benefits of Tai Chi or Yoga to Ease Back Pain

Free Pilates DVDHealthcare providers, trained in Western cultures, rely heavily on anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers to treat about back pain. However there are other options that can strengthen your back while at the same time diminishing your back pain. Here we will discuss the benefits of Tai Chi or Yoga to ease back pain.

Exercise is one of the options but the question then becomes which is worth trying. Aerobics is too high impact For people with back problems, aerobics is too high impact while joint problem is known to be caused by isometrics. Calisthenics are good for your muscles but don’t target the right group of muscles to help with back pain. So what exercise options are there?

Two other options that have benefited back pain suffers are Tai Chi or Yoga. Despite Tai Chi being a form of marital arts, it can provide relief from back pain because it is designed to enhance the body’s resilience, improve your flexibility, keep your weight under control and help you to an easier recovery from injury. Tai Chi works so well because it is based on slow movements of the arms, legs and upper body while using a deep breathing technique to help healing. Because Tai Chi is not stressful to the body, back pain suffers are in the process of healing, but still in pain, can do this program. Tai Chi also helps improve your posture through its strengthening of your core muscles which goes a long way to decrease your back pain.

Yoga comes from the Hindu teachings and is like Tai Chi but goes one step further in that it also strengthens the mind as well as the body. Yoga exercises will focus on strengthening your back muscles, improving your posture and bring into line your spine. Yoga teaches that if you learn about your body, or more specifically your back, then you will become more aware of problem area and can make them better before they become really bad.

Each Yoga position is designed to strengthen, stretch or diminish the tension in a certain area. It does this by increasing the blood flow to the area, which in turn is good for healing sore muscles. Another benefit of yoga is that it will help stretch your spine, even when you have back pain, and taking the pressure off of the vertebrae to help alleviate any compression you may have on a nerve. This will greatly help in reducing your back pain.

Another advantage to learning Tai Chi or Yoga is that it is relatively inexpensive. You can either taking a few classes to learn the basic movements and exercises and then purchase a DVD that will help you set up a program that you can follow in the privatize of your home to develop your long term health. So when the pain is gone you should continue to follow the programs to keep up for your overall physical well being.

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