About Us

My name is Ron Donnelly and I would like to welcome you and thank you for visiting my website. The site was created in mid 2006 with the concept of keeping the site simple.

I wanted to provide useful information for all the suffers of acute or chronic back pain. The information was chosen to cover the wide range of causes of back pain as well as try to provide guidance on preventing or treating back pain. I will be updating the site with some of the most recent finding in medical research on back pain.

I do make money from the advertisements and products offered on these pages but the information was written in an unbiased manner in spite of having merchant links on the site.

I hope you like the site and find the information useful. Feel free to bookmark the site or tell a friend about it and visit it often to catch the latest updates.

If you have any questions or comments about the site, feel free to contact me at:

Ron Donnelly

Box 616,

Osgoode, ON


K0A 2W0

Email: info at allaboutbackpains.com

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