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You deserve to live without the discomfort of back pain. You want to eliminate pain without invasive medical procedures – and without draining your savings account. This goal is realistic, and you can achieve it by taking part in programs and using products designed to not only help eliminate back pain, but also prevent it from returning.

If you experience back pain, or neck and leg discomfort related to back pain, then you need relief. Information found on this site can help you eliminate back pain, and take back control over your life.

Ron Donnelly has nearly three decades of experience in the healthcare field. His work as a licensed pharmacist keeps him on his feet for long periods of time. Lately though, he spends a lot of time sitting behind a desk. When you add in a 1.5 hour daily commute to and from work, that is a lot of stress on the core area of the body – the muscles in the abdomen and the middle and lower areas of the back.

After a lifelong career in the health industry, combined with a craving for knowledge, Ron struck out on his own journey to become an “expert” in treating his back pain, and finding relief for the discomfort that he endured. He struck out for an adventure across the World Wide Web to learn all he could on the topic.

Although Ron has several websites to his credit after spending several years being involved with the internet, this is his first on the topic of back pain. His goal is to use his own experiences and knowledge to help educate other people about the best ways to relieve back pain in hopes that they can avoid the same suffering that he has endured over the past years.

Ron lives with his wife in the small town of Osgoode, Ontario, Canada, a largely rural area. The town is just outside the country’s capital city of Ottawa, which is only a 20-minute drive away. They enjoy the quiet, quaint streets and the fact that the town offers nearly everything its residents might need. The town also has an active community center where its 2,000 or so residents enjoy frequent events and activities.

Ron and his wife have three grown children. In his spare time he enjoys playing badminton, working around the house, especially outside in the garden during the beautiful summer months.

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